Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swamps of Skatha

In the swamps of Skatha huge coral like fungi sprout up through often salty water, their huge root like structures lifting up through the water, creating a vast network of bridge like pathways on which many different organisms travel. Perched on the largest root we see Kathuu, a swamp fisherman, enjoying a nap in the humid warmth. Despite the calm look of the swamp, the water can prove to be a much more dangerous place. Concealed under the algae and plant matter are a number of different predators, ready to snatch up any unfortunate creature.


  1. Hey it OblivionJunkey form DA just wondering if the gapuri use tools like spears? for fishing and hunting great pic!

    1. Yes they do! In fact many of their weapons are spear like, their arms are so long that things like swords would be impractical to fight with or use. Plus their entire arm is used to manipulate the spear, so a lot of length is needed for the handle.

  2. Awesome environment concept!