Monday, February 13, 2012

Suutaow [Skathan Herbivore]

Here we have a large herbivore who lives in the swamps of the eastern hemisphere of Skatha. Like many herbivores of Skatha, the Suutaow (Sue-tau) supports its torso with four boneless, stocky "tentacles." The Suutaow also have the characteristic mandibles which is a widespread jaw plan for nearly all Skathan vertebrates.

The large sack on the snout is not the nostrils of the Suutaow, it is in fact an air bladder that can be filled with air, causing a brightly colored membrane to flare out in a bubble like fashion. This, combined with a loud guttural below, makes up the mating display.

And please ignore any blatant spelling or grammar errors, I am very tired but really wanted to get something posted.

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