Saturday, February 25, 2012

Northern Gapuri and genderless pronouns

Had a chance to get some painting in tonight, so I did a quick speed paint of a Gapuri. A Northern one to be specific, they are darker in complexion than their Eastern relatives. 

The flora is interesting up north as well, dark trunks of plants are offset by their bright orange seed pods. This guy is about 50, and adult in their prime (in Human years jeh'd be about 30). 

Also a bit of explanation on "jeh'd"...Since the Gapuri do not have two separate genders they do not have "he" and "she" when referring to individuals, and when we speak about them we do not use gender specific titles like that. They have a word that sounds to the human ear like "Jeh." Jeh is what they use the way we use "he" or "she." "She went to the store" is "Jeh went to the store." I used "jeh" in conjunction with "would" above, "jeh'd" isn't used in the Gapuri's language, as "would" is not a word. I simply combined it with an english word. 
He/she = Jeh
Him/her = Jyeher (sounds like jayer with a soft "j" sound)

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