Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gapuri language

Translating a simple sentence from the Gapuri language to English.

"I need to go to the market"
First person singular (I/me) = Jo (it would translate to "me" rather than "I." "Me go to store" "me have fish" etc)

Have ("have" wouldn't actually make sense in their language, "have" as in to have something or possess it would not make sense when referring to the need to go to a place. They use a word that specifically means "to need to go [somewhere]") 

"To need to go somewhere = Hogkah (infinitive form)

"Hogkah Jo Kruuko"
("Need to go I market" is what it sounds like directly translated to English)

Here are the personal pronouns:
Jo (I/me)
Jchahk (you)
Jeh (he/she, him/her)
Jyeher (him/herself)

Joth (we/us)
Jchahkes (you plural)
Jeth (they) Jethe (them, themselves) Jethe (their = them's "that's their ball"="that's them's ball")

Hogkah (to need to go [somewhere]) conjugation:
(I need) Hogkah Jo                (We need) Hogskath Jot
(You need) Hogkah Jchahk   (you plural need) Hogkah Jchahkes
(he/she needs) Hogskah Jeh   (they need) Hogka Jeth

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