Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Info: Vestigial antennae

Here is a close up of the antennae.

The feeler is actually a somewhat of a vestigial organ, similar to the way we have an appendix but it doesn't really serve a purpose. Though the feelers are still very sensitive and serve their original purpose, even if the more evolved Gapuri don't need them as much. With the hairs you see along it they can pick up changing air currents from something or someone that moved, and along the flesh there are tiny pores that pick up electrical currents, much like the pores along the nose of a shark.

It's speculated that the organ is a left over from when their ancestors needed to feel their way through thick vegetation, caves, or find their way around when it's dark.

In the modern Gapuri times though it is used in other ways such as body language and greetings. For instance touching the feelers together can be a show of complete trust or a deep friendship, however it is almost exclusively used when partners greet each other, the intimate touch reaffirms the bond between them. It is believed that their ancestors may have done the same thing. When two feelers touch the electrical senses are almost overloaded, and sends a series of intense signals to the brain. It seems that this is an evolutionary trick that releases a hormone that is designed to keep a pair of Gapuri together, rather than straying from their partner for another.

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