Monday, December 19, 2011

Info: Gapuri (Appearance and diet)

Planet: Skatha (S-kha’ [click]-thuh)
Race: Gapuri (Pronounced as in their language: guh [with throat click] – purr – ee) (Pronounced in English: Gah-pur-ee)
Moons: Etayen (pronounce phonetically), Ekwei (click on Kw)

Gapuri appearance:
Average height: 5’7’’ – 6’9’’
Body type: Bipedal, digitigrade, 2 legs, 4 arms. 2 larger upper arms, smaller secondary arms, positioned slightly closer to the front of the body then the 2 larger arms. Being somewhat top heavy they have a long tail to balance, it is prehensile.
Common colors seen: blues, greens, reds, yellows, oranges, and purples, usually darker hues with bright patches. Any combination is possible; red variants are more common than others. Markings appear at random depending on dominant or recessive genes.
Uncommon color combinations: purples + oranges, blues + oranges, reds + greens
Eye colors: Any except pink (unless albino)
Diet: Omnivorous, but fruits are a staple in their diet. Meat is also consumed, but in a much smaller amount. Large insects are also eaten when available, a diet of mainly fruit lacks protein, and the insects help supplement them.

More info soon. I will be posting some things on their history and culture soon. Hopefully with some images. 

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