Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gapuri Anatomy: Throat pouch, trachea and esophagus

The Gapuri's trachea does not have an opening in the mouth, instead they only breath through their nostrils. Since they do not have an airway that ends in the mouth, and thus no vocal cords in the neck. To produce sounds from their mouth they use a specialized throat pouch that can be filled with air like a balloon. They will gulp air into the sack through one pipe and push it out through another. The second pipe has a set of vocal cords in it that are used for creating sounds. As you can see in the diagram of the mouth, the air pouch's two valves open up on either side of the esophagus. The air sack is deflated whenever a Gapuri is not speaking, however it can be used as a non-verbal form of communication. The skin on the outside of the pouch is usually brightly colored and when the pouch is extended the colors are more vibrant. The pouch and the bright colors can be used to express emotions like anger or frustration, this is usually accompanied with a formidable gravely hiss. 

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