Friday, December 23, 2011

Gapuri Anatomy: Leg and arm hydraulic system

While the Gapuri do have a bone like internal body structure that makes up the spine, neck, skull, ribcage and upper legs their lower legs and arms are completely boneless. Instead an incredibly strong, flexible cartilaginous "pseudo spine" acts as the arms and legs bones. These "pseudo spines" are what really holds the legs and arms together, as the thick muscles and hydraulic tissues attach to it. 

Leg details:
The hydraulics of the lower leg are strong enough to keep the pseudo spine relaxed and straight while standing, this keeps permanent "kinks" out of the leg. While running the hydraulic tissues contract and release to give spring and shock absorption to the runner as seen in the figure below.

Red arrows = Retraction and contraction of hydraulic tissues
Blue arrows = Extension of leg by extending hydraulic tissues
Purple arrows = Shock absorption

The arm operates in the same way but does not have the ability to retract as much as the leg. 

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